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  • Zero spreads, rock-bottom commissions, and 0.01 minimum order size
  • Trade on over 2000 instruments
  • A superior trading platform for PC or mobile
  • Instant Deposits & Quick Withdrawals in no time
  • Expert charting packages to expand your portfolio
  • Free educational resources
  • Friendly, helpful, and multilingual 24/5 customer support
  • Free data, research, and innovative analysis tools
  • Negative balance protection

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Prime Account Specifications

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Know before you go!

  • Financial trading carries risk. If the market moves against you, you lose money. However, as CFDs are leveraged products, the risks can be greater – with the possibility of losses exceeding deposits.
  • With a Prime River Prime trading account, you can manage your exposure using a range of risk management tools, including stops and automated alerts. You’ll be on the right track.
  • We’ll also help you learn the essentials of risk management, and you can practice your strategies using a Prime demo account. Brilliant option!

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There are no hidden charges for using any Rive Prime account. For extra information about fees or costs, contact us now.

The trading currency on Prime Account is the American USD dollar. 

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  • Greater protection for investors
  • Higher standards of conduct
  • Greater transparency
  • More stringent financial requirements
  • Provisioning a secure environment
  • Protecting the interests of our clients
  • Ultra-fast execution

A spread is a difference between a security bid and an asking price. When purchasing security, you pay the asking price; when selling, you receive the bid price. Market makers profit from the spread because they charge more when they buy than when they sell.